♥ Mission

Our mission is the ability to innovate calzado.La ability to develop new markets and smell to surround himself with talented and competent not only is he cares about our customers, but are the most important elements if we want companies do not only grow but to obtain exceptional results, and between these elements to innovate is essential.

♥ Vision

Our vision is that our designer is a visionary, progress, which is concerned with the INNOVASIÓN in their products to win new markets, and makes it possible to acquire knowledge, proper equipment and personnel without ignoring the habit of buan reading, because he knows that she can adjust to the new and changing reality.

♥ Philosophy

Our philosophy is that our shoe designer, sketching with pencil, ends his inspiration image capture in melting line, shape and color.
To achieve this virtuosity, the designer requires the ability to innovate and to achieve this is indispansable observation, because LOOK is the beginning of any innovation process.
In fact, the innovation can not be discounted any idea that is wild.
Leading innovation is today the key to success.

♥ Corporate History

Carolist Footwear comes in 2010 co creation and innovation of their owners and Jaime Rodriguez Clara Ines Suarez Lizarazo as their expertise in design, modeling and scaling have been pioneering and innovative designs for the shoe producing company national locations Gironesa major producers footwear.
Seeing the demand patterns and expectations for our fellow shoe producing, we decided to make shoes with the power couple was born on mutual support, are made pro-development decesiones company.
We manufacture footwear for women placed in the sector as a shoe company competitive in price, quality and so offer a good product to society.
As we project our achievements with our empresa.Calzado Carolist wants to focus on one of the best companies Gironesas nationally and internationally, thus generating employment for thousands of people.

♥ Business Idea

The business idea was born thanks to a collaborative project Improving the quality of education through ICT in the Colegio Juan Cristóbal Martínez.
Our aim is to bring success to many stores who purchase our products with the assurance of selling good quality shoes with great effort began designing modern styles and inspired by the beauty of Colombian women to be promoters of employment as well.
We want to properly organize our company and we will make every day to increase our income, to get to have a warehouse with our own products.

♥ General Purpose

Our overall goal is to make our company the best at the departmental level, our products are requested by all people and that are renowned for their quality.

♥ Specific Objectives

♥ Locate our shoe company where they work shoe producing many renowned for their work.
♥ Legalize our company.
♥ Develop quality designs at the departmental level.
♥ Select raw materials (leather, templates, etc) to produce products with optimum quality.
♥ Select personnel of our company values ​​and responsibility.
♥ Elaborate the final products to satisfy our shoe producing.

♥ Operating Company

♥ Our company is located in the race number 12 18 1 A 28 plateau, where it is quiet and can work at home and develop all our objectives.
♥ We should make a reform in the infrastructure in which we are working it is a house and need to adapt as a workshop.
♥ We need machines, raw materials, instruments (punsones, needles, etc), glue, among others.
♥ Our moviliario will be tables, chairs and shelves to organize the beautiful creations.
♥ The good fits by reference, numbered and sorted by style, color and price.
♥ Our ads will be using business cards with the address and company logo and recommendations of the shoe producing entrepreneurs.
♥ It helps us to know our own members.
♥ We buy our raw material in a reliable place where we give top quality material and where we give guarantee of their products.
♥ retain our moviliario performing general maintenance each week.

♥ Marketing

1. Who are my customers?
Guild footwear companies.
2. Where are they located?
Bucaramanga is located in the metropolitan area.
3. Generally what they are buying?
♥ Boots
♥ shoes
♥ Platform
4. How often do you buy?
All year round but more frequently in, in January, February, July and Agosto.Pues is the participation of our shoe producing in national and international fairs.
5. What do you like?
Modern designs and bold colors new reality in which we make the boots, Mafalda, among others.
6. How to give to know the articles?
Through the trade fairs in Bucaramanga and Bogota.

♥Accounting and Financial

♥ The revenue in a month will be of 2,400,000 pesos.
♥ He recovered successfully year.
♥ We will use for the production and crompra machinery in our company.
♥ I get a loan.
♥ four million are needed to start.

♥Legal Aspects

Collect data to legally establish our company.

♥ We have registered our company in the DIAN, NIT 28152358-5.
♥ The legal (law) to take our company is the simplified scheme.
♥ It takes a photocopy of the certificate of citizenship of the owner of our company.
♥ acquire Social Security obligations, severance pay and transportation for employees.
♥ Our company needs to work the NIT and register our brand in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Registration Code.
♥ At the moment our company is not required to pay taxes because we are getting information to register.

♥ Securities Business

The values ​​that we practice in our company are very important for good performance, which we are talking about are:

♥ Quality: in all areas of each of the projects we do.
♥ Justice: towards our staff, both in treatment in the allocation of activities to be performed, depending on these capacity each.
♥ Innovation: Continuous our strategies and our working methods.
♥ Timeliness: delivery of the work requested by our customers.
♥ coherence: between what we commit to our client and we make it as work.
♥ La communication: constant and effective among all the members who are part of the company, as well as our suppliers and customers.
♥ Confidence: where do our job the best way, in order to satisfy each of our clients.
♥ Commitment: to our clients, by providing a quality service, to society, to bring stability to the families of our people and the environment, to respect and comply with all requirements for the care of it.